FAQ: How To Get Meatballs Ragnarok Maobile?


Where can I buy meatballs in Ragnarok Mobile?

They are actually one of the best resources in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love! Adventure Meatballs can be obtained from:

  1. Reaching 20 Assistant Intimacy points.
  2. Clicking on your Pet frequently.
  3. Pet Labor (Cooking Center)
  4. Pet Adventure Rewards.
  5. Buy from Big Cat Coin Shop.

How do you get adventurer coins?

Join in on Adventure Island events to earn Adventure Points. For every 100 Adventure Points, you’ll earn one Adventure Coin, which you can trade into the Adventure Coin Shop for fun rewards! (There is a limit of 20,000 Adventure Points you can earn per day).

How do you get adventurer coins in Ragnarok eternal love?

To start the event, you need to find the NPC Kyoto at the Prontera Square and complete the quiz event. You can buy up to 10 Gold Medals with it. all players on Eternal Love and Midnight Party servers will receive 10x Adventurer Coins, 5x Poring Growth Panacea and 5x Valkyrie’s Growth Kit within 7 working days.

How do I unlock Cuisine Association Ragnarok Mobile?

How to Unlock Cooking in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love ( Cooking Quest Guide)

  1. Go to Cuisine Association in Prontera.
  2. Talk to Pizza to start the quest.
  3. Obtain 3 Lunatic Meat and 3 Rocket Leg Meat.
  4. Talk to Pizza again to finish the quest.
  5. Use your Cookbook to start cooking!
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How do I complete the personal assistant in Ragnarok Mobile?

At Level 20, you will be able to hire Assistants for free. Go to Prontera and click the “ Assistant ” button in the top right and to walk towards Prontera Palace. You can select and hire a male or female Assistant to become your personal assistant. You can switch later for a fee.

How do I increase my cook level in Ragnarok Mobile?

To upgrade your Cookbook Level, just cook lots of different recipes! A great way is to refer to a cooking recipe list and cook all dishes one by one.

Where can I buy lunatic meat?

Other method to get Lunatic Meat! Buy from Basic Cooking Material Merchant at Royal Cooking Association for just 100 zeny each!

How can I improve my pet intimacy?

You can increase a pet’s intimacy by feeding him his taming item (Green Apple for Poring, etc.), “petting” him, or going to battle with him. Finish the rest of the quest and you should get an item called the Pet Adventure Guide book! You will need this to start sending your pets to adventures.

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