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Chef Joe

Joe Criscuolo, a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, is the chef and owner of Meatball & Co. His family is originally from the Amalfi Coast of Italy and has been in the restaurant business in Fairfield County for more than 45 years. Cooking is in his genes.

Cooking may be in Joe’s genes, but his passion for Italian food goes beyond his lineage. Chef Joe’s inspiration for Meatball & Co. came from his desire to merge his Italian heritage, his culinary background and his interests in pop culture along with his love for fun and comfort food and hone in one one dish: the meatball.

This isn’t like any other meatball establishment, though. Chef Joe put his own spin on it and took the challenge of crafting an on-going series of balls based on unique dishes and fan favorite meals, like the buffalo chicken ball and the bacon cheeseburger ball.  Meatballs are in the name and they are the game here at his restaurant and Chef Joe continues to show off his creativity by throwing a cultural spin on the classic meatball with his weekly specials that are a refreshingly different take on Italian.

But at Meatball & Co., meatballs aren’t the only fare on the menu – Joe specializes in cooking Italian classics from market vegetables to delectable pastas to elegant salads. His culinary background paired with his love for food and culture fuels Joe’s passion for creating diverse dishes and you may even find a traditional Japanese Ramen on the specials menu on a cold winter night. A meal doesn’t end without a sweet note and Chef Joe’s affinity towards perfectly balanced desserts will leave you craving more.

Joe wants to share with you his creativity and passion for the kitchen and authentic Italian flavor! He invites you to come and enjoy a fun and delicious dining experience at Meatball & Co.

Chef Caty

Caterina Coccia is the Pastry Chef here and Chef Joe’s wife and partner. She is the woman behind the special touches that make Meatball & Co. so elegant and inviting. Caty is not only in the kitchen on a regular basis prepping the ingredients but she is also the baker responsible for the beautifully scrumptious desserts as well as the crisp and chewy cookies that make up Meatball & Co.’s many flavors of ice cream sandwiches.

Her love and passion for the pastry arts started in Italy, where she used to bake with her grandmother as a child, learning all of her techniques and secrets. After moving to the US, Caty decided to turn her love for baking into her very own brand, Katy’s Cookies – a unique brand where she can fuse America’s favorite pastries with her Italian heritage to create cookies and other baked goods!

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From our new Italian dishes with a twist to the classic Italian dishes you already love, Meatball & Co. has something for everyone!

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